• Why is STOP THE BLEED® important?

    Learning to STOP THE BLEED® is a lifesaving skill. The number 1 cause of preventable death after injury is bleeding. With 3 quick actions, you can be trained and empowered to save a life. 

  • Who can take the STOP THE BLEED® Course?

    Anyone! STOP THE BLEED® courses are available to anyone interested in learning to control life-threatening bleeding.

  • Is there an age requirement for STOP THE BLEED®?

    There's no minimum age requirement for the STOP THE BLEED® course, although we do recommend letting parents/guardians know about the graphic images and content included in the presentation. Instructors have taught the class to kids of all ages!

  • Who can become an instructor for STOP THE BLEED®?

    If you have taken a STOP THE BLEED® Course and are interested in becoming an instructor, please see our eligibility criteria found in the instructor application here - (

Course Info

  • How long is a STOP THE BLEED® Class?

    Most STOP THE BLEED® courses last no longer than 90 minutes. A formal presentation is followed by hands-on practice of applying direct pressure, packing a wound, and using a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

  • How much does a STOP THE BLEED® course cost?

    Typically, there is no charge for most STOP THE BLEED® courses. However, sometimes expenses are incurred to hold one. Check with your local instructors to see if there is a fee for their courses. All our instructors volunteer their time and expertise to teach STB training.

  • Where can I find a STOP THE BLEED® Course?

    The STOP THE BLEED® website contains upcoming courses. Use our Find a Course tool to search for one that’s near you. Courses are updated on a regular basis, so you can check back again if you don’t find a course that matches your schedule or is close by. If you don’t find a course in your town or city, try searching by zip code or state.

  • How do I register for a course?

    Registration may differ with each individual course. You can find the registration information by clicking on the class profile. If the class includes a registration link or a phone number, please be sure to fill out the registration form or call the phone number provided. If the class allows walk-ins, you should not be required to register.

  • I don’t see a course available in my community. How do I request one?

    STOP THE BLEED® is a grassroots effort. If you don’t see a course available near you, contact your local hospital and ask for one to be held in your local community.

  • How do I set up a course for my school or community group?

    It’s easy to set up a STOP THE BLEED® course for your local group. There are tens of thousands of instructors around the U.S. and world. You can find someone nearby to come teach a course for your group by contacting

  • Are STOP THE BLEED® classes available online?

    A virtual lecture portion of the STOP THE BLEED® course is now available. We offer an online interactive course which can be found here Online Course | Stop the Bleed. Please use our Find a Course tool to search for upcoming classes. The skills portion of the STOP THE BLEED® course is still an in-person requirement to complete the course and receive a certificate.


  • Where can I find my course completion certificate?

    Please reach out to the instructor of your course for a copy of your STOP THE BLEED® course completion certificate.

  • Do you provide a certificate for instructors?

    We do not provide instructor certificates. Please use the approval email you received with your instructor ID number as proof of instructor status.

Instructor Application

  • I am completing the instructor application in another language, and I keep receiving error messages. How do I proceed?

    The site has not been tested in other languages. Please display the application page in English and complete the application.


  • Questions regarding kits (quote, W-9, purchase order, shipping, etc.)

    Please contact the store directly via phone at 1-833-472-1163 or email at Customer service representatives are available from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm (EST), Monday through Friday.